My approach

Coffee or lunch?

Coffee or lunch?

I find that the best conversations often start over coffee or across a dining table. We can explore how working together can help you with your business, technology and leadership challenges.

About you

I believe that listening - first - is the most effective way to understand my client's needs. We will work to explore your goals and identify what may be preventing them being reached as quickly, effectively and efficiently as you would like.

From our table-top conversation we will shape our professional partnership whether it is needed for a day, week or longer-term engagement. I operate at Board, Non-executive director (NED), and advisory board levels.

Unlike the old adage, one size does not fit all.

Sharing my career insights

'You spend a third of your life in bed and a third at work. Buy the best mattress you can afford, create a job you love, and the rest will take care of itself.' ...advice my first boss gave me over 17 years ago, and it's a value I continue to hold true to today.

Today, alongside my role as CEO for a respected multinational technology provider, and supported by a career spanning Sony Playstation, Moonpig and the Photobox Group, I enjoy working with high profile, fast-paced businesses through my personal, independent advisory consulting service.

With a diverse career path having operated at CEO, Board, Operations, CTO/founder, Information Security and Senior Marketing Management levels, a deep interest in alternative leadership philosophies and rich personal network have helped me to become an experienced and unconventional leader. 

My personal style promotes authenticity, trust, personal development, multi-cultural input, candour and motivational focus to teams and leadership - whether directly or through the senior executives I mentor. 

Don't expect advice through conventional (and often unchallenged) wisdom and well-trodden mantras. Accept the challenge to think differently.

What and where

A fresh-perspective consulting service to Boards, Leadership teams and Executives based in the U.K. and mainland Europe.

Brands supported & Previous responsibilities

  • Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (Playstation)
  • Photobox Group inc. Photobox, Hofmann, PosterXXL, PosterJack, PaperShaker
  • Conosco
  • Gousto

Positions held:

  • CEO & Board member
  • eCommerce founder & CTO
  • Technical Advisory Board member
  • Group Senior Director Information Security & Deputy CISO
  • Group Senior Technical Operations Director
  • IT Director
  • Multiple Systems Infrastructure and Technical Solutions roles
  • Marketing Manager for a number of SMEs


“When working with Anders come to expect the unexpected. Whether it is a walk through Paris or along the Thames, his conversations are always insightful. A coffee and a flaneur while we discuss seeming minutia of a plebeian problem end up eliciting some profound insights and targeted feedback and summarisations that would have taken weeks or months to have derived otherwise and expanded the scope of my ambitions. I may never have had the confidence to embark on some ultimately -very- successful endeavours without the framing and confidence arrived through the exercise of our engagement.”

 – Chief Security Officer, Private Merchant Bank, Luxembourg

"Adopting Anders' 'Culture Mug' concept has been a great tool for rewarding good security behaviour and improving the security culture in our organisation. And of course for drinking coffee and discussing risks, threats, weaknesses and other security topics on coffee breaks!" 

- Kim Halavakoski, CSO, Crosskey Banking Solutions, Mariehamn, Åland 

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Advising across the spectrum of pre-revenue startups through to mature global enterprises, charities and public-sector organisations.



Helping clients in building, growing and mentoring staff & teams to support a brilliant working culture.



Sharing a diverse career spent in new media, ecommerce, online gaming, information security and managed services sectors. 

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